From Mike Findley May 10, 2007 Salmon fishing out the Golden Gate Bridge
Two months and a day after getting 3rd degree burns on my left forearm and hand and the subsequent skin grafts I was back on the water for the first time in a long while. I was unsure about fishing with left hand because it would be the one holding the rod and taking all the weight of the fish. Fortunately, Art Gonzales jr (Tazzman) gave me his Strikefighter since he no longer had use for it. Thank you very much It made a HUGE difference for me. In fact, I found it easier than it usually is when I have 2 functioning hands. We left Emeryville on the New Seeker along with 5 other fisherman. Ran up to Dux with the fleet and found some hogs. My dad had his limit by 830, One was 24#(weighed) and the other,which had to be horsed in due to a furbag, was probably in the high teens. Had some bites on him, but didnt touch any meat. Both on straight bait. All I had was a driveby by on my red kroc. After 4 or 5 pigs we ran up to chimney rock to the other fleet where it was a slow and steady pick of commercial grade fish for the rest of the day. Fish had krill sardines and chovies in their stomachs. Water was more choppy up there. Most came on bait but a few on hootchies fished at 60-80 pulls and a commercial spoon off the bow. At around 12 I got my chance. Weight popped off the rod, brought it to the stern and popped it into the strikefighter. It was brought in with ease except for almost losing it at the boat. Gilled and gutted weighed 10#. Dad Snapped a photo of me fighting it, but the shutter only opened partway. We got one right after we netted it that came out. Our other fish was a little dink that came on a hootchie. Great day on the water and my dad won the jackpot, which was only $20. Mike
Me with strikefigher and 10#

Mikes Dad and his 24 pounder

From Bill Shelton to Mike
Wow! I glad the StrikeFighter helped you fish with ease again. Power to burn..Huh? Best of luck with your recovery and I hope you keep cathing those salmon.
To Bill, from Art Gonzales Jr.
Thank you for making this great device , when my 6 yr old grandson broke his arm, I thought I would have to leave him home back in Dec. but with the StrikeFighter I was confident that he could fish with only one arm. Unfortunatly we did not get any Sturgeon or Bass the two trips we took when he had the cast on. Mike, Great Post, I am glad to hear that it is working for you. Hope you get well soon. Tight Lines -Art
Thanks Mike and Art for the kinds works. I'm glad I could help.
Bill Shelton
Shelton Products